Swann Do

Program Director / Loan Officer - PACE Business

Ms. Swann Do has over a decade experience in serving the Los Angeles community. To date, the Women Business Center program has counseled/trained 11,477 aspiring entrepreneurs. In turn, over 2,987 businesses were started, stabilized and/or expanded. As a result of assisting these entrepreneurs and small business owners, over 997 jobs were created and/or retained! Additionally, PACE’s WBC consistently exceeds performance milestones as reflected in our on-site review, DOTR mid- and end-of-the-year evaluations and the SBA’s data collection system for counseling and training.

Much of the success of PACE’s WBC can be attributed to the dedication and expertise of its Director, Swann Do. Swann has been an exemplary Director who has excelled in providing both counseling and training while advocating for and strengthening the role of women business owners in the community.

Swann joined the SBA Women Business Center in 2010 as a SBA Women Business Center Director and has been a champion of women entrepreneurs throughout Los Angeles district. During this time, Swann has effectively managed the day to day operations and strategic planning of the WBC, while also maintaining a large client base of her own, conducting trainings and workshops, staying actively involved with several other community organizations, and being a strong advocate of women by forging working relationships among organizations in PACE’s target communities.

Swann’s demonstrated commitment to serving women-owned small businesses is shown in her dedication to provide quality, professional counseling, training and/or mentoring to clients. In counseling, Swann practices an open door policy that goes beyond helping clients with just their business development needs but also identifies the ways that her clients can truly thrive in their life and in their business. She oversees 95% of all the courses and workshops offered at PACE, such as the Entrepreneurial Training Program (ETP). Each year, over 3,000 individuals participate in this program and others offered by PACE BDC. Swann often maintains a long term relationship with her clients whether it is for regularly scheduled counseling, periodic check-ins, mentoring, or help with their licenses or permits. In mentoring, Swann believes that in addition to business development assistance, clients often need motivation, encouragement, and, at times, just someone to listen. Through all the services that each client receives from PACE, Swann always strives to assist them in any way she can, and, if she cannot, she refers them to other programs, resources or organizations, as needed.

Swann works with several local/regional community and economic development organizations in order to promote the mission and goals of the WBC. Swann works with the Public Counsel Law Center to provide entrepreneurs and small business owners with free consultations on contracting, intellectual property, business entity filing, and any other legal aspects of business ownership. Swann also maintains a close relationship with PATH and the Good Shepherd Center for Homeless Women, who often refer new clients to us. We automatically offer these women scholarships to attend any classes. For the past 3 years, Swann has also taught a variety of courses and workshops at the SBA’s Glendale office a Los Angeles Central Library and recently been taught at the Los Angeles Housing Authority.

You can frequently find Swann working 10 hour days and weekends, adjusting her schedule to accommodate clients’ scheduling needs. For this reason PACE WBC consistently exceeds its negotiated goals as evidenced in its Year End Performance Narrative Reports. In FY 2016 alone, PACE WBC exceeded its training/counseling goal by 179%! Swann has also been instrumental in assembling a robust and active WBC Advisory Board whose expertise and connections she is able to leverage to further the mission of the WBC.

When asked about her role as Director of PACE’s WBC, Swann said, “When [I] do outreach I talk to women and listen to their stories and encourage them to make a difference. [I tell them to] believe in themselves, invest in themselves, start their business, live their dream. Don’t let anybody tell you what you can’t do.”

Under the leadership of Swann Do, PACE’s WBC maintains a robust and impactful presence in the community, maximizing women entrepreneurs’ and business owners’ opportunity for success.

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