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Most franchisors have implemented a number of best practices that make them successful. But what habits make a franchise system HIGHLY successful. Undying devotion to the brand, knowing and balancing the interests of the franchisor, franchisee and franchise system as a whole, and empowering franchisees are just a few highlights that will help a franchisor take their system to the next level.

In today's economy, most franchisors do not have hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest in new strategies or initiatives. This dynamic session will identify best practices that franchisors can apply - without significant financial investment - to achieve a powerful impact in the near future and over the long haul.

All course materials are in English only. All workshop attendees receive free admission to the exhibits on all three days.


Thursday, December 5, 2019
9:30 AM - 12:30 PM


$210 includes exhibit hall admission and seminars

Who Should Attend

Franchisors, franchisees, and prospective franchisees. In particular, franchisors whose objective is to design and operate a premier franchise system and are seeking best practices to build and protect that system - filled with competent, profitable, empowered (and thereby satisfied) franchisees - should not miss this "Franchisor Reality 101" session.

In This Workshop We Will Discuss

These "5 Habits of the Highly Successful Franchisor" identify the best practices that separate the highly successful franchise systems from the rest:

  • Maintain an undying devotion to the brand. A franchisor's brand is more than just a trademark. It is an important tool for connecting with customers. The franchisor must not only protect its brand; it must identify and communicate - constantly - the promise of that brand. The brand promise must be instilled in every aspect of the franchise system.
  • Balance the interests of the franchisor, franchisee, and the system as a whole. Highly successful franchisors establish a culture of voluntary compliance with system standards, while vigorously enforcing compliance by errant franchisees to ensure the success of the system as a whole.
  • Stack the deck with "ace" franchisees. Highly successful franchisors understand that franchise recruiting is a separate business from their operational enterprise. They develop, and then faithfully follow, a system that focuses on recruiting high-quality franchisees. A franchisor must work hard to ensure that its development practices are energetic and creative, but still rigorously complaint with the law. Franchisors also need to know when to walk away from marginal candidates.
  • Obsess over the franchisee's bottom line. A franchisor is only as successful as its franchisees. Franchisors must provide regular, ongoing support to franchisees, assist franchisees to improve performance, and demonstrate concern for franchisee operations.
  • Empower franchisees. Franchisees need to feel empowered to participate in the present and future direction of the system. Highly successful franchisors identify means for the franchisee to contribute to the system while maintaining franchisor control over decision-making. When franchisees are not following the system, these franchisors asks the "why not?" question , rather than the more reflexive "how dare they?" question.

Presented by: Brian Schnell, Partner, Faegre Baker Daniels

Brian Schnell Partner - Faegre Baker Daniels

With more than 25 years of experience in franchising and product distribution, Brian Schnell is the chair of the firm's franchise practice that represents franchisors with headquarters based across the United States and abroad.

Brian's experience uniquely includes serving as the COO and Chief Legal Officer during 2012 for one of the country's leading health care franchisors. In the role, he led the company's field operations team and the franchise administration and legal groups. With this unique legal and business experience, Brian counsels both emerging and mature franchisors in a variety of industries, ranging from companies with thousands of locations worldwide to companies in the initial stages of building franchise systems. His clients operate in dozens of industries where franchising plays a key role in the U.S. and global economies.

Brian combines his experience with a passion for — and keen understanding of — franchising to find practical solutions for clients. Like the rest of the Faegre Baker Daniels franchise team, he is committed to focusing on what matters most and making a difference in working with franchisors on their challenges and opportunities. His expertise is based on years of working closely with clients — getting to know them and their businesses, goals and objectives. He listens, asks questions and works diligently to find solutions and approaches that work for franchisors.

Brian is a past chair of the International Franchise Association (IFA) Supplier Forum and a member of its legal/legislative, awards and membership committees. He also serves on the board of trustees for the IFA Educational Foundation and is a frequent (and well-respected) speaker and author on franchising.

As the first male to receive the IFA Women's Franchise Committee Crystal Compass, Brian earned distinction for the 2009 honor based on his leadership in franchising. He also is one of only 18 franchise lawyers recognized worldwide by Chambers Global.