Franchise Expo West 2018 Online Exhibitor Manual

Due Dates - Help Us to Help You

There is up to a 50% increase in prices after discounted due dates. Please place orders prior to due dates listed in order to secure lower rates. All forms can be found under the "Order Forms" Tab.
Immediate Payment of Balance Due for Exhibit Space
September 19 Authorization to Sample & Waiver of Liability
September 26 Event Guide Company Description
October 1 First Day Shipments can arrive at the Advanced Warehouse
October 8 Approximate Cut-Off Date for Discounted Hotel Reservations—Discounted rooms may still be available after this date. Reservations should be made as earlier as possible. Call Expo Travel anytime before show dates for best rate availability at 800-829-2281.
October 8 Internet Service (SmartCity)
October 10 Accessible Storage & Labor Order Form
Booth Display Rental
In-Booth Forklift Labor Order Form
Hanging Signs & Banners
Material Handling
Method of Payment
Models, Hostesses, Demonstrators (Event Pros LLC)
Signage & Graphics Order Form
Third Party Set-Up & Billing
Transportation Order Form (Quad Express)
Vehicle Spotting Order Form
October 11 Electrical Service
October 12 Lead Retrieval System (Early Bird Orders) e-VENTS Registration, LLC
October 19 Exhibitor Badge Registration Form
October 23 Security
October 23 Last Day for Shipment to Arrive at Advanced Warehouse
October 26 Audio Visual/Computer Rental (Metro Multimedia)
Floral (By ShortTerm Plant Rental)
Booth Catering Order Form (Levy Restaurants)
October 31 Shipments to Arrive at Convention Center (8:00 am - 4:00 pm)