Branding and Traffic Building Programs

At MFV, we’re heating things up with big plans for Franchise Expo West in Long Beach, CA. We’ve got only a few months left to plan — now is the time to think about delivering a strong message to help you grow your concept.

MFV offers a variety of ways to accomplish this. Here are a just a few featured opportunities available:

  • Logo Enhancement (ONLY $300) – Don’t let your competition stand out! Have your logo added to your listing on the show website and in the event guide
  • Your Ad in the Franchise Expo West Event Guide – Advertising in our event guide ensures that your message will be seen by thousands of qualified prospects during and after the event. The official Event Guide is handed out to every attendee at the show and is an invaluable resource for franchisee candidates. Show visitors keep this guide for long after the event as a resource to connect with concepts they discovered at Franchise Expo West.
  • Aisle Sign Advertising – Imaging your logo and booth number on a 6’ x 3’ sign hanging in your aisle. Your prospects will have no trouble finding you when they see your message hanging overhead. It is also the only promotional signage hanging on the show floor.
  • Show Entrance Unit - Every brand wants to a make splash as visitors enter the Franchise Expo West show floor. There’s no better way to be top of mind than this billboard opportunity right at the entrance. Pump up your development efforts with a great call to action along with your booth location – this billboard has high visibility and you can use it as another opportunity to drive traffic right to your booth on the show floor!

There are a variety of additional programs to consider that might be right for your brand. We are excited about getting to know your business and working with you. Let’s talk to determine the right product or products to increase your leads and lower your cost per sale at Franchise Expo West in November.

For more information, please contact Joseph Cammarato at 201.881.1666 or